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Yuki Amemiya & Yukino Ichihara


Page 45 Review by Dominique

We start off in an elite academy full of teenage boys who are all very, very good at fighting. They are doing something martial-arty but with added psycho-kinetic power bonus power added in - sort of like a Jean Grey Hadouken manoeuvre - very cool. A big final test is looming, with some of the best pupils being groomed to work directly under the top brass as their prodigies and eventually, one presumes, their successors. The guy we are following is Teito Klein, a very talented boy by all accounts but also something of a mystery. He has no memory of his past, no parents and bears the mark of a slave on his back. He evidently comes from the Raggs kingdom, a faction now defeated and consigned to the fringes of history. Nevertheless he is being lined up for a top role… until he overhears a secret which unlocks his memory and allows him to place the face of the guy he’s supposed to be working for. Yes, that would be the bastard who killed his father.

And so cue rage, fight scenes, arrest and eventual escape to the world below the academy; a world which at first bewilders and shocks our hero. However, it’s not long before his memory starts to return and the bigger picture starts to emerge. Guess what? The mysterious slave boy has a destiny…

Expect this series to offer lots of fast action, fight scenes, evil cackling baddies and silly side dialogue with the occasional inappropriate Bishop / Nun interaction. PewPew!
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