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A Flight Of Angels s/c

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Holly Black, Louise Hawes, Bill Willingham, Alisa Kwitney, Todd Mitchell & Rebecca Guay


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"It's an angel, is he dead?"
"He's still breathing."
"Let's kill him quickly before he wakes."
"Kill him? But he's so handsome."
"Handsome like a snake. That thing's dangerous."
"I have a suggestion on how we might proceed. Let's conduct a tribunal."

So what follows are five rather different stories about the natures of various angels and their intentions towards other less celestial fellow members of creation, particularly humanity, and thus the case made for life or death for the unconscious and quite literally fallen angel our motley coterie of faeries, pixies, hags, fauns and spirits find themselves debating over.

The stories, from the likes of Holly (THE GOOD NEIGHBOURS) Black and Bill (FABLES) Willingham are lovely little turns, absolutely exquisitely illustrated by Rebecca Guay to a level that at least matches my appreciation of P. Craig Russell's version of SANDMAN: DREAM HUNTERS, she's that good. So, rather sadly, just when I suspected this work was going to be added to the list of books I strongly recommend to fans of SANDMAN, LUCIFER etc. looking for something else enchanting, I read the ending, which just didn't work for me at all. I've reflected upon it over the subsequent few days, just in case it was purely because it's an ending I personally didn't like, and maybe that is the case, but it just rather spoilt the whole thing for me, it didn't seem convincing at all. I'll still be recommending it to people, as the stories and art are most definitely that good, but perhaps when some of you good folk out there have read it, you can tell me what you think, whether the ending works for you or not.