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Afrodisiac back

Jim Rugg & Brian Maruca


Page 45 Review by Tom

Those who remember this pair's brilliant STREET ANGEL book from a few years back will need no introduction to the only Blaxploitation comic character worth his pimp-mobile. After spending years drifting through anthologies Afrodisiac finally gets his own collection, and one of the things I really love about Rugg's style with this character is his attention to detail. The pages look weathered and painstakingly textured to look like the four-colour printing method of the pre-digital age. Which coupled with his obvious love of '70s Blaxploitation cinema and the look of Marvel's POWER-MAN, BROTHER VOODOO and TOMB OF DRACULA from that era makes for an awesome homage. Brian Maruca has our super-pimp up against Dracula, foxy blue Venusian ho's, cold, calculating super-computers, and monster cockroaches. But it's nothing a man with that hair can't handle.

[Editor's Note: TOMB OF DRACULA #69 is actually referenced as the only time prior to this that Dracula showed fear. Tom went and looked, and sure enough...!]

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