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Against Pain

Against Pain back

Ron Rege Jr.


Page 45 Review by Tom

Long-awaited collection of all of Ron's erratically released stories all bound in one giant hardcover. Now I have a lot of his comics from various anthologies like MCSWEENEY'S, KRAMER'S ERGOT, BLOOD ORANGE and STURGEON WHITE MOSS, quite often buying such expensive tomes due to the inclusion of his work. But this also features some beautiful pieces from a random smattering of newspapers and magazines such as New York Times Magazine, and the fantastic Tylenol-sponsored OUCH! comics. So yeah, I'm bruised from kicking myself, as I only have a fraction of this collection. And amongst these is possibly the best superhero parody since Jeffrey Brown's Wolverine mini, HIGH SCHOOL ANALOGY where a pissed-off and frustrated Peter Parker tries to get through another school day without killing everyone, culminating in a ridiculously funny fight with Johnny Storm:

"Isn't this guy wanted by the cops?"
"Yeah, and he tried to break into the tower last week. I think this Joker needs to be taken down a notch!"
"But I..."

But for me, Ron's idiosyncratic style which evolved from a need to produce comics from cheap Xerox machines and remain clear really shines in We Share A Secret But Beware Because The Modern World Emerges. Using surreal dream sequences which are often as lucid as the reality, Ron depicts hearts in turmoil as the bubbles of joy they're encapsulate in offer no insulation to the harsh moments they're subjected to.
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