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Jeff Lemire & Travel Foreman


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Bad dreams in the night in black, red and white. Now that's what I call capillary action!

Part of the DC New 52 relaunch, this isn't a superhero book. Anyone worth their salt is going to make a Buddy Baker book all about family, and ESSEX COUNTY's Jeff Lemire has written about family extensively there and even to a certain extent in SWEET TOOTH. Sure enough Buddy's wife, son and especially his daughter Maxine are centre-stage as Maxine, forbidden a living, breathing pet, decides to exhume those buried round the neighbourhood and bring them back to some semblance of life. At the same time Buddy's own powers go on the fritz, his family come under attack and it's all very creepy. What's wrong with the Red?

Grant Morrison's own three-volume run on ANIMAL MAN is an absolutely essential read, especially if you're on board for this.