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Batwoman vol 1: Hydrology s/c

Batwoman vol 1: Hydrology s/c back

J.H. Williams III & W. Haden Blackman


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

One of the New 52 titles I had the highest hopes for, given the retention of J.H.Williams on art duties – well, the Batwoman parts at least – with a different artist being employed on the Katy Kane parts, a device used to superb dualistic effect on the near perfect BATWOMAN: ELEGY. I did, however, have reservations about the fact he was taking over writing duties from Rucka, and despite a superb start with issue #0, in which Dick Grayson tails and surveils Batwoman with a view to establishing her identity and allegiances, it all then gets rather, well, wishy-washy, if you'll pardon the sub-titular pun. It just feels like it's lost the punch and drive it had previously and whilst the intriguing side-plots Williams is building up do promise an improvement, this particular main tale just drags on far too long in a somewhat turgid manner.

The art being so superb, though, he does just about get away with it, for now at least.
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