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Bolland: Cover Story: The DC Comics Art Of Brian Bolland h/c

Bolland: Cover Story: The DC Comics Art Of Brian Bolland h/c back

Brian Bolland


Page 45 Review by Stephen

A second sumptuous art book to go with THE ART OF BRIAN BOLLAND, with a full-page image, often without typography, on every other page while opposite sit another three with their relevant sketches, alternate versions, and Mr. Bolland himself dishing out behind-the-scenes anecdotes, history lessons, art lessons and amusing bons mots.

His ANIMAL MAN stretch - 63 consecutive covers - was both a bonanza for wildlife fanatics and a treasure trove of visual wit and wonder. Here you will learn (for they're not easy to discern) exactly what the newspaper headlines were typed across the Front Page as he embarks on a bar room blitz in #28: "Cover artist seeks significant pay rise!" "Editor in dude-ranch scandal!" "Cover artist goes berserk!" "Cover artist quits!"

See Buddy Baker's left buttock before Tom Peyer asked for its removal! Learn about the Blue Line colouring process also used by Bryan Talbot in the TALE OF ONE BAD RAT! Recall that when the Vertigo brand first came to town it demanded painted covers and a vertical stripe on the left-hand side.

Some of my other favourites were the INVISIBLES covers when Bolland was really getting to grips with the possibilities in computer colouring. Brian reveals the first stage behind the APOCALIPSTICK cover before the skull is Photoshopped in, the ridiculous details hidden on vol 3 #1 (the final issue - vol 3 counted backwards), and he's perfectly candid about his initial struggle with his brand new beast (£9,000 worth of equipment!) and the hand-holding required from his long-suffering friends which some of my fellow Luddites may find comforting - and our very own Jonathan will find painfully familiar!

At over 200 pages long there's an excess of 500 images, and for the sheer wealth of extra information embedded here with its accompanying entertainment value, it has to be one of the most enjoyable art books I've ever bought.