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Crisis On Infinite Earths

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Marv Wolfman & George Perez


Page 45 Review by Mark

Yes, it's probably because I read it at the time that I was getting into comics in a big way. Yes, it's obviously tainted with nostalgia for me but this is a good story, and that most rare of objects: a crossover that works.

DC had way too many realities on their files. There were different versions of Earth that had built up over the years and corresponding variations in Superman, Batman and all the rest. They decided to whittle it down, taking the 'best' doppelgangers and doing away with all the rest. There were some major character deaths that were handled with just enough (and maybe a little more) over-dramatisation and - here is one of the best selling points - George Perez managed to cram hundreds and hundreds of people into little panels. No one can handle large amounts of super-beings like George. Oh, how I pity the colourists. An epic done the way that superhero epics should be done.
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