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Daredevil vol 2 s/c

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Mark Waid & Paolo Riveria, Emma Rios, Kano, Khoi Pham


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

“My name is Matt Murdock. I'm here to see my client. His name is Nolan.”
“Tell holding that Daredevil is on his way!”
“Hey, look out! HERE COMES DAREDEVIL!”

Mark Waid continues to prove there's life in old hornhead yet, as he further develops his utterly implausible main plot thread revolving around the Omega Drive which, despite sounding like a next generation games console, is in fact a vast hard drive containing every bit of incriminating information imaginable concerning five megacrime organisations.

It was being used collectively by the organisations to ensure none of them would try and seize dominion over the others (clearly not the wisest idea they’d ever had to pool all that information in one place), but now that it's in Matt's hands it's turning into a free for all, as the various megacrime lackeys in their various fancy dress outfits starting falling over each other in hapless slapstick comedy fashion to retrieve it first... to try and seize dominion over the others.

Meanwhile, there are some excellent side-bar stories involving a romantic triangle between DD, Spider-Man and the Black Cat and a trip down under to visit the Mole Man who, as ever, is having a confidence crisis in the romance department himself. Delightful, delicately kinetic art again from Paolo Rivera, who is rapidly ensuring he and Waid are well on the way to becoming as good as a DD double act as Bendis and Maleev, including as fine a set of covers on issues #7-#10 as I've seen in a long while. Pure design heaven.
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