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Felt Mistress: Creature Couture h/c

Felt Mistress: Creature Couture h/c back

Felt Mistress with various contributions


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Oh my God, it’s gorgeous!

Massive too – there are four hundred pages here of annotated photographs with extra interview sections. It’s nothing to do with comics – we are way off topic – but everything to do with inspiration, craft and cuddly monsters. Cuddly monsters! Just like our PAPERTOY MONSTERS craft kit, this could so easily have been “Ho-hum, you’ve seen it before and here are yet more” kidult toy designs. But no, this is genius: fully realised individuals cut out of whole cloth (and wool and corduroy and fur and felt) and brought to life with consummate style and impish glee.

Just turn to page 78 for exactly what I mean: blue-skinned Brunhilde with her black-and-white-striped, knee-length socks, antler-grey antlers, insouciant fake eyelashes and bright white hair curling below her faun-like ears and snaking up one of those antlers like thick, frosted ivy. She’s photographed multiple times like any other model, taking a stroll through her native sylvan territory in winter, her soft cloth skin contrasting with the brittle bark and leafless branches which have come crashing to the ground as if tossed in the hurricane of her wake.

“Brunhilde was private schooled in a hollowed-out tree trunk by an owl,” it is written before following her career via Tokyo. The feature subsequently details each element of her chosen attire including accessories, although teasingly we are told neither where we may buy them nor their undoubtedly extortionate cost. Some things, darlings, you may never be privy to.

Many, one feels, are the product of a misspent youth listening to too many Rolling Stones LPs (not possible) or having taken a wayward turn via Death Metal. I may be biased, of course (I am biased, of course) but the undoubted star for me is Pants Ant. Oh yes, Pants Ant as last seen LIVE AT THE BUDOKEN!

There are so many extra insertions written and design contributions from the likes of Jonathan Edwards, Jon Knox, Pete Fowler, Ben Newman, Jason Kirk, Jakob Westman etc and, oh look, there are even a cloth toy of Luke Pearson’s Hilda and John Allison’s The Mope! Yay!
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