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When Giuliano's father gives him use of a derelict garage for his band to practice in, he and his friends finally have a place to rock. The Garage is theirs just as long as they stay out of trouble. But when a guitar amp blows, jeopardising their naive dreams and brittle friendships, just how far will the boys go to keep it together when everything else in their lives has let them down?

Gipi's skill in taking the mundane and grim and turning them into tense, gripping stories of desperation is exceptional. His stark line and soggy watercolours give his characters a menacing edge. Like they'd shank you soon as look at you. Perfect I think, for a tale of teenage crime-for-art.

The characters are spot-on: anyone who's ever known anyone in a band will recognise them. Stefano on vocals, tearing up his band mates from talentless frustration; Alberto on bass, whose seemingly quiet and sensitive demeanour hides a morbid obsession with death; and Alex on drums whose lack of a father figure has made him immensely impressionable as he latches on to the extremist Nazi regalia. Not because he truly believes it, but because he's a fool who craves attention. Gipi's characters are intense multilayered beings, and you cannot know them from a simple synopsis. As we get to know them, the reasons why they're so negative outside of the band are slowly revealed - not entirely, but just enough. There's an elegance to his storytelling that's mirrored in his art - the two are inseparable. Perfect sunshine reading.
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