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Green Lantern vol 1: Sinestro s/c

Green Lantern vol 1: Sinestro s/c back

Geoff Johns & Doug Mahnke


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

As easily one of the best pre-New 52 titles, it’s perhaps no surprise that DC decided not to bother rewriting history completely with the post-reboot title (or indeed any of the Lantern mythos, instead adding the RED LANTERNS and NEW GUARDIANS titles) and just continued on as though the whole thing had never happened. Reboot, what reboot?! Except, of course, there was a brilliant surprise in the final pre-New 52 issue as grizzled Corps stalwart and occasional ( well, okay, full-time) maverick Hal Jordan was profusely thanked by the Guardians for saving the (just after the BRIGHTEST) day yet again then promptly stripped of his ring and dumped unceremoniously back on Earth, resulting in one rather bruised ego. Still, makes a refreshing change for Hal to actually be the one dumped rather than the other way around as usual, which is a realisation that isn’t entirely lost on him. So obviously he’s straight on the phone to Carol for a rebound fling...

Meanwhile, given the Guardians decided that Hal was too much of a rulebook bender and general all-around wild card to entrust with the continued protection of Sector 2814, who could they possibly choose instead? How about the only person more likely to lose the plot and destroy half the galaxy in a fit of peucescent pique, that good old moustachio-twirler himself, Sinestro? What a fine piece of recruitment that’ll turn out to be in the end, I’m sure! In fairness, he’s none too happy about it either, given the extremely tight strings his new working relationship with the Guardians comes with, which is probably why, in part, he decides to take it out on Hal by making him string along on his first mission. Just one snag: Hal hasn’t got a ring anymore, so Sinestro has to create one for him, which of course in turn, being an extension of Sinestro’s will, can’t be used against him. Cue much wise-cracking and head-cracking as our most un-dynamic duo get themselves in several heaps of bother, which of course is always the other one’s fault.