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Irredeemable vol 10

Irredeemable vol 10 back

Mark Waid & Diego Barreto


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Finishing any story satisfactorily is never easy. There is a certain prose sci-fi writer whose books are one of the very few authors I always purchase as soon as they come out, for he is undoubtedly one of my favourite writers, and yet, I often find myself dissatisfied with the conclusions to his stories.

Superhero stories are perhaps less troublesome to write, simply because the stories often never do end, particularly in the world of Marvel and DC. Yet with IRREDEEMABLE, (do read Stephen’s review of vol 1 for more about the series itself) one of the very few supes books outside of the big two publishers I will proactively tell people about when they are asking for something different, Mark Waid clearly had an ending in mind when he began the story.

Given the truly surprising twists and turns that have punctuated pretty much every volume of IRREDEEMABLE, most of which I never saw coming (and frankly how just many superhero books can you say that about?), I am delighted to report that Mark has conjured an ending which is simultaneously sly, shocking and indeed schmaltzy. Yep, schmaltzy, and I use that word very deliberately.

When the epilogue pages began I really did wonder what on earth was going on. When I realised, at first I chuckled, then shook my head and finally took a few moments to reflect on what a genuinely emotional statement it makes. It’s clearly Mark’s loving nod to certain people who inspired him and many of his peers, who really do deserve never to be forgotten, and despite the schmaltz I loved it too! Considering who the Plutonian is a dark version of, it’s a very appropriate ending to a work that has entertained me greatly over the last few years.

IRREDEEMABLE is a series I’ll be continuing to recommend to people for a long time. If you’re in the mood for something superheroic different to the output of the big two publishers, do give it go!