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Justice League Dark vol 1 s/c

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Peter Milligan & Mikel Janin


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

I don't really like making negative comments about anything by Peter Milligan, but HELLBLAZER this is most certainly not, at least so far anyway. I can just imagine the editorial meeting where the great and good decided that sticking all the various magical / odd characters that don't have / can't sustain their own title in one monthly comic, glued together with a sprinkle of Constantine, would be a sure fire hit in the most delightful way. After all, characters like SHADE THE CHANGING MAN, MADAME XANADU, Deadman, Zatanna et al are pretty interesting in their own right, it's just this feels rather contrived, written purely to bring all the cast together as expediently as possibly, despite some amusing exchanges and dialogue throughout. Hopefully once we get into some proper stories things might improve as Milligan is certainly way, way better than this.