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King-Cat Comics & Stories #73

King-Cat Comics & Stories #73 back

John Porcellino


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Our beardy beloved Mark’s favourite comics, KING-CAT minis are quiet and gentle, lovingly hand-crafted, with a proudly preserved zine aesthetic. Any letters are transcribed by hand, and this issue boasts a lino-cut cover.

Each experience is completely self-contained. You never know what John will muse about next, but it is guaranteed to be personal and thoughtful and give you much to consider yourself.

This time, for example, I was left wondering when I last saw an usher or usherette outside a cinema-screen’s doors, tearing your ticket on entry. Can you now stroll in to the soulless multiplexes, buy a ticket for one film and watch another instead? Buy a ticket for one film and then see two? Buy no tickets at all and watch whatever you like?

I found myself transported back to a time to when you had to queue outside cinemas whose ticket offices were always at the entrance. Oh, the lines could be long, but excitement levels rose to almost unbearable pulse rates of anticipation as you nudged closer to booth’s glass window and the warm glow of the Odeon’s foyer beyond. “Going to the pictures!” – do they even say that any longer?

Also this issue: a chance sighting of a mysterious bird sends the amateur ornithologist in John in search of the cuckoo which has always eluded him. It also sends him unexpectedly to the opticians. Amused to see that Porcellino frets about looking suspicious to the landowners when encroaching on their land for a closer inspection. I would too!

Then a dream is recalled with a clarity and precision I envy, evidencing preoccupations I can also relate to… apart from being a monk… and as usual we are treated to John’s Top 40. This is no mere pop pick, however, but a celebration of all he has read, seen, listened to, chewed or chewed over since last you looked in.

God bless you, John Porcellino. Truly you’re one of comics’ great treasures and pleasures.
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