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Love Makes Everything Right

Love Makes Everything Right back

Sanae Rokuya


Page 45 Review by Stephen

It really does, but rarely do I witness anything remotely resembling a healthy love affair in these yaoi power-plays. I don’t understand these people! They are, in the words of NEON GENESIS’ Shinji, “so fucked up”. But this arrived shrink-wrapped so I am duty-bound to peel off its modesty, prise open its pages and explore its tender secrets.

“Thank you for coming.”

Wait – what?! We’re only six pages in!

Hold on, our manipulative male secretary here was merely thanking college grad Mizuha for attending the suspiciously immediate and then intimate interview, not rising to the challenge of the company’s sex-toy industry he will henceforth be the president of and much-photographed mascot for. But he will need extensive hands-on experience of the product he’ll be presiding over, like the wrist-watch/handcuff combo. Also: he will be getting it.

“The concept is, “I want to be tied up with you, not work”.”

Cute. Cue much heated debate and equally hot cheeks, flushing and blushing while said secretary makes verbal innuendos and physical in-roads while Mizuha singularly fails to comprehend a word that anyone says. I’m with Mizuha. (Well no, I’m not. I left him waiting in a bath tub back home. It’s probably pretty cold by now but I doubt he would mind or at least do anything about it.) This is so WEIRD!

Thankfully 90% of this stuff is bought by adult laydees, not impressionable young men who might imagine that this is what gay relationships are actually all about. Although I should emphasise that Page 45 is all about equal opportunities and I consider it super-cute when guys do buy/place orders for this material, trusting that we are don’t give a fuck.

If we did, I would hardly be typing this, would I?
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