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Mo-Bot High vol 1

Mo-Bot High vol 1

Mo-Bot High vol 1 back

Neill Cameron


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Get ready for Mo-Bots!
"For Digital Robotic Combatsuits in thrilling, titanic battles!
"Get read for excitement on a whole new level!
"But first… get ready for double geography."

Aaaaargh! New schoolz! What a nightmare!

It's difficult enough when you leave one at the top and have to start down on the bottom rung again, but at least a whole year of your peers is suffering similarly. It's infinitely worse if everyone has already settled in, learned the rules, formed alliances, absorbed all the quirky customs and knows where to hide when it's time for P.E.!

Pity poor Asha, then, dropped in at the deep end by her doting dad, right in the middle of term. Where should she go? Who does she need to sign in with? And what the hell are those glowing, six-storey-high, ridiculously high-tech robots doing bashing each other overhead in the playground?!

They are Digital Robot Combatsuits, Asha, summoned by your mobile phone! Didn't you have those back in London? Honestly! Thank goodness Shelly is on hand to make friends, steer her by the arm, and drop Asha in deep doo-doo within seconds. She didn't even call this town a dump - that was Shelly! But arch-bully Sasha is having none of it and her spotty stooge Gemma, a girl with so many chips on her shoulder she could be a battered piece of cod, challenges her to a Digital Robotic Bash-athon! How do you even pilot these things?!

Cameron has done a bang-up job of evoking all the sob-inducing disorientation of a new environment, and poor Asha is give no time to acclimatise at all. It's positively frantic. So frantic that you might miss the enigmatic blue-haired girl gliding quietly round the grounds, or the elderly school caretaker who certainly sees more than the teachers do, for they are oblivious to the multi-coloured mecha.

Ah, yes, the multi-coloured mecha! They are the highlights for me. Their stances, readying themselves to weigh in, are charged with weight and power, while the colour design is chic, sharp and gorgeous. Upgrade sufficiently and you can customise your own with floral motifs that seem to shimmer and shift like patterned liquid in a translucent shell. Oooh, I want me one of those, but I can barely operate my mobile as it is. Young readers won't have the same problem - they're all more technically savvy than me, anyway.

But what does the cliff-hanger mean? What? What?! I hate you, DFC! More, now, this instant!
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