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Punisher Max: Frank s/c

Punisher Max: Frank s/c back

Jason Aaron & Steve Dillon


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

“I don't know at exactly what point I first became what it is that I am now.
“Maybe it was Vietnam. Maybe it was that day in the park.
“Or maybe I'd been that way all along.
“All I know is, once I finally embraced it, I quickly realised...
“... I was never going to stop.”

Okay it is official, in my eyes at least, that Jason Aaron has now matched Garth Ennis' previously peerless PUNISHER MAX run. This, the third book in Jason's run, follows straight on from last volume's epic physical and psychological confrontation with Bullseye and sees a battered and broken Frank cooling his heels in the State Penitentiary. As he's laid up in the hospital wing, word spreads of his incapacitated condition and all the cons start sharpening their shivs and daring to dream about becoming a living legend by claiming the biggest scalp of all.

Meanwhile, as Frank's body heals, he finds his mind wandering to his last days in 'Nam after the climatic end to his third tour of duty in the hellhole of Valley Forge, and his subsequent attempt to return to civvy life before he lost his entire family in Central Park. As intense as Ennis's PUNISHER MAX: BORN, this is Aaron's attempt to further add to the mystery behind the transmogrification of Frank Castle into the killing machine feared, and maybe even a little revered, by the underworld. There's a truly shocking moment too when, just before the fateful carnage in the park begins, we hear Frank's final words to his wife. Highly recommended, and you could certainly jump straight in with this volume, then go back and read the previous two.