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Philippa Rice


Page 45 Review by Stephen

“When we know what makes it, we can work out what breaks it.”

Holy calamity, this is insanity!

More colours are deployed here than exist in our known universe. It’s as if someone has opened a fissure in space and – wait, that is precisely what has happened, and the result is a gigantic mutant ball of toxic debris that shouldn’t even be here! Worse still this rolling stone is gathering momentum, rampaging towards a heavily populated city!

Guess whose house it hits first? Poor Cardboard Colin! Naturally Pauline is beside herself.

“That was my friend’s house!
“He might have been in there.
“He might have had presents for me in there!”

Exactly! Priority is Pauline’s middle name.

From the surprisingly sane mind of Philippa Rice, creator of the autobiographical SOPPY (Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month December 2012), comes unhinged madness more akin to MY CARDBOARD LIFE and ST COLIN AND THE DRAGON, and once again fashioned from the very elements that constitute our real world: paper, cardboard, plastic and aluminium foil. Oh, the wit in their repurposing!

As our story kicks off Pauline has taken a data-entry job at what transpires to be the most dangerous office ever. A paper cut will be the least of her worries. Meanwhile poor Colin is waiting at home with a cake he has baked, iced with “Best Friend”, and a card that says “Good Luck With Your New Job”. I wouldn’t wait up, Colin, because Pauline’s going to need it and so are you, as your house and its contents are about to be swallowed by that big ball of goo which transmutes everything it touches into the alien and unknown. Someone needs to fathom it fast, and that someone isn’t going to be Pauline but…

I love, love, love Pauline’s boss. I don’t think she’s ever named, but she is ever so sassy. Hands permanently on action-station hips, she is unphased by anything this mind-boggling adventure throws at her, barking out orders, rewriting employment contracts at a moment’s notice, and as lethal with scissors as Philippa Rice herself. There are some truly spectacular action sequences here with eye-popping perspectives the likes of which you’ve never known from Philippa before.

This woman is right up there with Simone Lia and that lunatic Lizz Lunney. Between them, they are the three comicbook creators who makes me smile the most. It’s the mischief and sheer exuberance of it all. Also, the underlying kindness. I think I’ve forgotten something..

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