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Siegfried vol 1 h/c

Siegfried vol 1 h/c Siegfried vol 1 h/c Siegfried vol 1 h/c

Siegfried vol 1 h/c back

Alex Alice


Page 45 Review by Stephen

It begins with a crack of lightning and the wrath of Odin as witnessed by ethereal white knights. It begins with the death of the boy’s parents and a broken sword.

In the company of wolves a child is forged into a man fit to fight a dragon. Ignorant of his heritage, Siegfried is raised in the wintry forests by the exiled Nibelung Mimé, a blacksmith addicted to his anvil. But eventually their past catches up with them in the form of a one-eyed traveller determined that the boy’s fate find its rightful path.

Yet another sumptuous, full-colour production from Archaia Studios, this is the first of three books based on Wagner’s operatic Ring cycle previously adapted by P.Craig Russell as THE RING OF THE NIBELUNG which, at the time of typing, languishes woefully out of print. As Alex stresses, however, whereas Russell’s was an ingeniously faithful adaption, this is very much Alex’s own interpertation of the legend drawn from many sources both ancient and modern. That sixty-page interview in the back is illustrated by images taken from the animated feature, whereas the graphic novel is an altogether different visual affair.

With landscapes reminiscent of Charles Vess in places – particularly the aerial view of the vast, snow-swept, Nordic forest – it is a feast for the eyes with a sense of space worthy of Milo Manara and some figure work akin to Jeff Smith’s. The boy and cub hunting and at play in chase of a sprinting stag is a breath-taking sequence rich in sylvan detail, while the mossy carpet on the forest floor is dappled by the light streaming through the tree tops. There are also some of those early Disney, heart-stopping, throat-choking moments of sadness, and you can almost hear Wagner during the climactic thunderstorm.

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