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Various including Scott Ciencin, Aadi Salman, Nick Stakal, Ben Templesmith, Shaun Thomas


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Bludgeoned nurses, elusive, sinister children and packs of live ammo left inexplicably behind domestic refuse bins; bewildered strangers, rabid dogs and stuff that drips from the wall. That's my neighbourhood, anyway.

It's also a list of staple ingredients found in the Silent Hill series of console games. Ben Templesmith provides the requisite mist and ambience (though an Aphex Twin CD alternating with the dubbed recording of a police siren, slowed down by a factor of 50 wouldn't hurt), and you probably couldn't find a more appropriate artist.

What's the plot? How would I know? I'm not sure I ever fully understood the games' various scenarios. However, as with the original source, there are several alternate endings:

Read the book through once, save it on the shelf, then open again. Proceed to page 85 and instead of reading the incantation in the book provided, pick up the lighter at the bottom of the second panel and set fire to the comic. If you want to see the "House in Ashes" scenario, quit the room immediately and make your way to the local pub. If you want to see the "Ambulance Speeding through Congestion" scenario, wait until the "Time for a New Carpet" sequence kicks in, then attempt to put the combined items out with your bare hands. (As a special bonus there'll then be a "Four Month Waiting List" feature ready to unfold, complete with a Wonky Diagnosis mini-game. Oh, if only this weren't so true.)

432 pages of one-shots and mini-series that kicked off in February 2004.
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