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Skeleton Key: An Alex Rider Graphic Novel

Skeleton Key: An Alex Rider Graphic Novel back

Anthony Horowitz, Antony Johnston & Kanako, Yuzuru


Page 45 Review by Stephen

We now have all three Alex Riley graphic novels in stock, each penned by WASTELAND's Antony Johnston: STORMBREAKER, POINT BLANC and SKELETON KEY. No idea when I'll have time to review them properly, but basically: full-colour espionage thrillers starring a fourteen-year-old schoolboy roped reluctantly into MI6 after his guardian uncle is killed on a covert mission. Alex had no idea the supposed banker was actually an undercover agent or that he'd been training Alex as a potential replacement for years. Martial arts, white water rafting, mountaineering, abseiling, scuba diving…? He thought they were hobbies! Learning those multiple languages…? Holidays! It's only when his one remaining friend in the adult world is threatened with deportation that Alex agrees to join the club and embark on his first mission. Although… those gadgets are pretty cool!

My thirteen-year-old second cousin loved these books with their anime-inspired artwork, and he's a reluctant reader. I'd say that was a pretty sound piece of market testing for you!
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