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Skimpy Jim

Skimpy Jim back

Joe List


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Signed and sketched-in for free!

“Crikey! Look at that hair. Son!”
“EEEEEP! Not my hair again.”
“Yes, it’s your hair. It’s too wild son, you’re starting to look like your Uncle Busby.”
“Huff. Fine! I’ll comb up a storm.”

And he does just that as two crazy creatures pop right out of his barnet! He’s only gone and used an evil comb! But does mean that both of these two shaggy apparitions are evil then? Well, one of them reckons he’s a charmer, and the other one isn’t sure! Cue some bizarre adventures as Skimpy Jim decides he’d best go off and find out, by trying to prove to the world just how evil he is. After the likes of saving a couple from snarling dog (he thinks he’s stealing their beloved pet) and carrying someone’s heavy stack of books to rob them of precious exercise, poor old Jim is starting to suspect he’s not quite cut out for this evildoing lark. Maybe he needs some musical inspiration...

Hilarious extended short from Joe List, the creator of gag-fest LAND LUBBER, sees him take a typically bonkers idea and just run with it in his own inimitable crisp animation-esque style. My only complaint? I would have loved more, much more. We will be watching and waiting.
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