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Marjorie Liu & Mark Brooks


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I only joined the Rebellion to make a quick buck.
"After I'd paid off my mark I kept thinking Chewie and I would get in the Falcon and keep going.
"But I didn't.
"Maybe I'm as dumb as she says I look.
"Or maybe something's changed."

It would take a Sith-like heart not to feel a certain degree of poignancy reading this following the untimely deaths of Carrie Fisher and a certain other fictional character. Or maybe I'm just getting sentimental, a bit like Han in this <ahem> solo romp set shortly after the destruction of the Death Star. Seems like the penny is finally dropping as to why he's agreeing to undertake yet another suicide mission on behalf of the feisty Princess Leia...

This time all Han needs to do is escort the three surviving Rebel informants from a previously extensive network of spies in a nearby star system back to base. Simple, right? Well, not exactly, as one of them is probably the Imperial mole that's been bumping all the others off. Also, Han is going to need a cover story as to why he's visiting that star system. So it's a good job the Dragon Void race, the oldest, most dangerous race in the galaxy, just so happens to be taking place there!

Now that sounds like a challenge Solo could get on board with... But as Leia is only too keen to point out, right before punching him in the face, just for good measure you understand, under the auspices of adding to his story about why he's quitting the Rebellion to go racing, Han had better remember the Dragon Void is his cover, not the objective. Han being Han, though, figures he can probably manage to win the race, blah blah Millennium Falcon... Kessel Run... twelve parsecs... blah blah blah and rescue the spies, plus expose the double agent. All because he's just a great guy, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with trying to impress a Princess...

Marjorie MONSTRESS Liu pens this hilarious, hokey yarn, throwing in a hidden smuggling compartment's worth of trademark sarcastic Solo dialogue, ridiculous bum-twitching seat-of-the-pants flying, seasoned with enough sizzling romantic tension between our loggerheaded leads to fry a Hutt. An entire one... Thus she captures the various characters perfectly and provides us with a very entertaining galactic jaunt. Nice clean and straightforward art from Mark Brooks, which seems to be a pre-requisite for pencilling a STAR WARS comic these days. I'd happily read a second arc from this pair.