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The Adventures Of Leeroy And Popo

The Adventures Of Leeroy And Popo back

Louis Roskosch


Page 45 Review by Stephen

A nominee for the inaugural British Comics Awards 2012, this is a partly anthropomorphic tale about a bipedal bear with a quiet crush on a waitress, his hipper, more confident friend (dinosaur dude), and a friend they’ve been avoiding for over two years who arrives at the most inopportune moment imaginable. Crass beyond belief, Rick has had a social-skills lobotomy, replacing whatever passed for his brain with the worst thoughts imaginable which he externalises unedited.

“Leeroy, is this your girlfriend?”
“You always were a ladies’ man!”
“He was?”
“Just like myself…Although she’s not really my type. I prefer bigger boobs.”

She’s right in front of him.

“So how are you then, Rick?”
“Oh sorry! I was just thinking about porn.”

Surprisingly, Leeroy gets his first date and it doesn’t go badly. What does?

Love the cartooning – there’s a confident fragility at play. Roskosch has chosen his creatures with care; plus only Leeroy and Popo are animals and, undisturbed, they make for great mates, genuinely caring and looking out for each other. Rick, on the other hand, will truly make you shudder. I also adored the rich colours, just not their opacity. It’s a personal thing, perhaps.

This is rife with smile-inducing videogames references, and the two Facebook pages were classic. Like!