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The Awake Field

The Awake Field back

Ron Rege Jr.



Challenging perceptions of what comics should be like whilst re-affirming my belief in these joyous pieces of folded and stapled pulp, Regé's work dances on the page like it's throwing shapes in the temple of dance, yet speaks a core emotional truth like it's religious fervour.

Each page is washed in salmon pink, sometimes stripping back to reveal new pictures beneath the black lines. Figures' muted expressions and secret actions become just about visible under the main events. And when you find these, it's akin to being let in on a private joy.

Ron's work is so good I wouldn't be surprised to learn it contains vitamins or something, as it fulfils 1/4 of your recommended daily allowance (of comics) for sure. This is the latest of his YEAST HOIST books, issue "Lucky 13" for those counting. Previous issues varied from self-published comics in tinsy print runs to equally gorgeous extravagant books like this. Buenaventura Press are apparently reprinting all the previous issues at some point, but until then I'm more than content to just be hypnotised by these cryptic, symmetric messages and their hidden layers.
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