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The Eternal Smile

The Eternal Smile back

Gene Luen Yang & Derek Kirk Kim


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Three very different stories from the writers of AMERICAN BORN CHINESE and SAME DIFFERENCE AND OTHER STORIES with the common thread running through all of them being that nothing is exactly as it appears to be at first, well even remotely like it appears to be which is why this is such a fun read! From Duncan battling the evil Frog-Men and rival suitors to win the heart of the fair princess, to GranPa Greenbax, a frog obsessed with acquiring enough wealth to fill his (very deep) swimming pool with enough gold coins so that he won't break his nose when he dives in, to Janet, a naive IT worker apparently daft enough to fall for the old Nigerian internet fraud scam. Except in each story, suddenly everything is flipped on its head in most unexpected way. Without giving too much away it seems Duncan might not be a mediaeval knight after all, the world might just be a whole lot bigger than GranPa Greenbax ever suspected, and Janet not quite so daft as she first appears.

Excellent writing, and lushly coloured cartoony artwork (and I mean that in the very best possible way as fans of AMERICAN BORN CHINESE will immediately understand) make for a most satisfying shorts collection.
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