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Trigun Maximum Omnibus vol 1

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Yasuhiro Nightow


Page 45 Review by Dominique

Vash the Stampede. That's what they call him. He'll come through your town wipe it off the map. Fear his name. Err, why? Vash, the poor sucker, has been held responsible for the total destruction of Third City. The result? A sixty-billion double-dollar dead-or-alive bounty on his head. Every man, woman and child on the planet is after his blood. Just one snag, he's a pacifist.

And as he dodges bullets in a way that makes Agent Smith look like J.F.Kennedy, you realise it's the chaos brought about by his attempted capture that give Vash his namesake. Until two women appear on the scene. The good news? They're taking the bounty off his head. And bad news? He has been deemed a natural disaster. The two mystery ladies are insurance investigators. With guns. Is there a more frightening concept than that?

Now: “Vash the Stampede, the galaxy's deadliest gunslinger, emerges after two years in hiding to help his beleaguered desert homeworld, Gunsmoke. But the Stampede's many enemies have kept their motors, and they're back on his trail and determined to bring Vash to ground-hard! And a new crowd of bounty hunters, badasses, and brain-cases are also looking to cash in the astronomical price on his head! Trigun Maximum Omnibus presents Nightow's Trigun series in value-priced editions of well over 500 story pages! Contain Trigun Maximum volumes 1-3.”
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