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X-Men: Season One h/c

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Dennis Hopeless & Jamie McKelvie


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Being in a girl's bedroom makes a guy tingly."

Superb and subtle body language throughout. Young Bobby Drake's shoulders hunched, hands in pockets, eyes wide and wandering round the room as Jean Grey lies on her bed nonchalantly messaging on her mobile was one of so many details here that made me grin. Fingers then twiddling on her dresser… excellent! In fact Bobby's loose, purple shirt is a star in its own right, its chequered pattern folding to perfection round his waist or across his back.

The artist on PHONOGRAM: RUE BRITANNIA, PHONOGRAM: SINGLES CLUB and the creator of SUBURBAN GLAMOUR has made this book his own. Just like Nabiel Kanan for our website front-page, for me McKelvie was the only choice for this graphic novel predominantly starring doubtful teenagers, and Matthew Wilson's clean, bright colouring could not complement Jamie's ligne claire any better. Out of costume, Jean, Bobby, Scott, Warren and Hank are dressed like the best contemporary teens; in costume as the original five X-Men, they are pure Paul Smith.

Although it should be noted that Cyclops is never out of costume!

Another original graphic novel, then, going back to the team's earliest days yet set in the here and now. It works. Rather than retreading tales already told, most of this concentrates on the moments in between as the four young men and one young woman gradually get to know and figure out where they fit in which other. It doesn't go smoothly, no.

Mostly it's seen from Jean's point of view and it ends on exactly the right note, although I caution you once again that it ends before you'll expect it too, since the final pages are given over to the first full issue of Kieron Gillen's recent UNCANNY X-MEN relaunch. My only regret is I'd have liked to have seen more of Jamie's preparatory design work.