Punctuality & Bite-Sized Upgrades!

Right, now we’ve all settled virtually in, two upgrades already.

From now on we’ll be posting reviews in this section on a weekly basis, give or take a holiday.

(On the other hand Jonathan is threatening to buy me a laptop for that unlikely eventuality so I can write from the beaches I’m never allowed near, the seas I never get to swim in, or the boulevard cafés I used to enjoy people-watching from before I was chained to this monthly merry-go-round of review, preview, order and blog. Yeah, well you’ll have to fly me out to that Italian villa of yours first, mate. I notice no reviews come in from your weekends there!)

That means two things: you get to read them as soon as they’re written (with links to each book after the reviews so you can see the front cover or interior art), and they’re dropped down to accessible, bit-sized pieces.

I think you’ll be happier with that.

I’ve been reviewing the books on a weekly basis all month, but couldn’t post them before because blogs go out on our Twitter and it would have given the website’s hidden address away before we came out of the comicbook closet. So this time they’re all going to come up on the site during the next couple of nights. In future, it will be weekly. Or weakly. Everyone’s a critic.

Speaking of critics, here’s your key to who writes what in case you don’t want to follow the links to the individual books in our shopping area:

If there’s a full stop (.) after the creator credits then it’s written by me because I actually went to school and understand punctuation.

If there’s a dash (-) then I rescued the review from Mark’s unparalleled wealth of informed and eloquent genius.

If there’s an ellipsis (…) then in all fairness, on balance, and at the end of the day, Jonathan reviewed it.

If there’s a squiggle (~) then our Tom has had three cups of tea and is telling you the score. I’d listen if I were you.

Other than that, guest-reviewers will usually be credited at the end of each section, and unless stated otherwise the Page 45 monthly previews are, I’m afraid, the province of myself. I know it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it.

Please feel free to visit the Page 45 News section on a weekly basis, but if your memory is half as bad as mine and you want to be reminded to visit the website for our reviews and previews on a monthly basis, just – oh, Christ, what were you supposed to do…? Oh yes – just sign up here and we’ll act accordingly!


Big love,

– Stephen

7 Responses to “Punctuality & Bite-Sized Upgrades!”

  1. BrianTM says:

    “[] because I actually went to school and understand punctuation.”

    “If there’s a squiggle (~) then […]”

    *cough* tilda *cough*

  2. admin says:

    Ha, that’s so funny! Clearly I’m a baboon! – Stephen

  3. JR says:

    Behind every punctual man is a veritable team of proof-readers… and I do mean… 😉

  4. Roogalator88 says:

    May I ask what’s wrong with initials? AM

  5. admin says:

    Good point, cleverly made!

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  7. Roogalator88 says:

    ‘Admin’ (that’s you, Stephen) said: “Good point, cleverly made!”

    Of course it is, but in the interests of sparing your tender feelings (and maybe still getting myself a £10 voucher in lieu of winning your recent competition), I propose a compromise which allows you to claim credit for inspiring the following solution: instead of using the initialised form of the name that appears on official documents, use one that says something meaningful about you. An example springs to mind which will permit you to retain your original purpose of reminding everyone of how well educated as you are, i.e. instead of (.) you sign yourself (FS). Simple, no? Thus Tom becomes (S) for squiggle, Jonathan (E) for ellipsis, and Mark (D) for dash. (I’ll admit I’m not sure how strictly ‘meaningful all of these are, and yours is regrettably open to a degree of misinterpretation). These are purely examples, and it may be preferable – and certainly more fun – to develop the idea further, though in order to avoid hopeless confusion I’d suggest a decision be arrived at fairly quickly.

    P.S. I haven’t thought of one for myself yet, but it seems only fair to allow you to return the ‘compliment’.

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