Page 45 on Cerebus TV


Okay, well this should make you laugh. At me.

Page 45 is on TV, right now, apparently.

It’s an internet-streamed thing (I have no idea what I’m writing) and we’ve just been sent the following:

Hi Everybody,  

Well what do you know Stephen L Holland is now a international superstar media darling and everyone is watching him right now deliver his outstanding performance as part of the now (semi legendary) Page 45 advert. This is showing as part of Season 2, Episode 2 which is on 24/7 until 13th November at

 So spread the good news! Sorry for lack of advance notice,

 Robin Barnard 

 PS Stephen – Can I have your autograph… please?!

When forwarding it to me, Jonathan wrote:

PS I think you should change your first two names by deed poll to Semi Legendary. Semi Legendary Holland has a real gravitas and ring to it…

 PPS You’re a full legend in my book though! 

 JR x


Cerebus TV is a curious project with Dave Sim (CEREBUS, GLAMOURPUSS, and the harrowing JUDENHASS – please take a look) talking to the likes of Seth, Harvey Pekar and superhero artist Steve McNiven. Also, Darwyn Cooke’s wife! It’s a relief to see Dave out and about and enjoying himself, but I do wish he’d eat more.

In spite of Robin’s mischievous hyperbolae it’s not an outstanding performance, but it still took a great deal of acting for it was filmed early one morning after I’d been up all night with a broken-hearted friend, and seen him off on a train. I was pretty dejected and can’t recall if either of us even went to bed.

Robin, however, directed and filmed it with great professionalism, unlimited patience and an enormous amount of courtesy. He’d organised it all, drove for several hours to be there by 9am, and the double-take of passers-by spying the window display then deciding to take a look inside the shop was pure serendipity.

I’d never filmed anything like it. Apart from a few extemporised interviews which I find a great deal easier, the last thing I was filmed in (with our own Ryz Glover) was a crazy, WWE -type stock car racing pilot called Carmageddon. I played one of the team’s burlesque managers, Frank Discussion, with a growling East London accent (“It’s time… for a Frank Discussion”). We shot it live in the middle of an arena with cars crashing into each with relentless ferocity, with no more protection that a thin sheet of corrugated iron! At one point a severed wheel hurtled about a foot over my head, and the look of stark terror took no acting on my part at all.

What I’m saying, basically, is have a good laugh – I really don’t blame you for I am indeed a buffoon – but I should add that it was commissioned and indeed funded by Cerebus TV (big thank you to Max Southall) and Robin gave his time driving, filming and editing (again with a ridiculous degree of courtesy) all for free. Exceedingly generous.

The film was scored and recorded by one of my best mates, James Holland (known in musical circles as The Sharp Foundry) along with the Wailingest Cats’ Jup and Alex who provided us with five different tracks to choose from. Thanks, guys, we owe you big-time. James is also an exceptional artist:

 – Stephen

P.S. Working as fast as I can on the first on-line letter column. Not long now!

P.P.S. Here’s Robin Barnard’s blog: Thanks again, mate.

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