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Who’s been knock, knock knocking on our website’s door? That’s what’s had our Jonathan obsessed since October as, like some invisible yet benevolent spider, he tracks each pull on the virtual thread and finds we’re not yet banned in China. Must try harder. Welcome to our parlour.


By the Power Of Google Analytics!

Okay, it’s not quite as catchy as by the Power Of Greyskull, but hey, who really needs a catchphrase anyway?

So… on the 27th January the new Page 45 website will have been up and running for 100 days.

Whilst not quite as important an event on the world stage as Napoleon Bonaparte’s ‘Hundred Days’ grand hurrah in 1815 marking the time between his return from exile on the island of Elba to Paris on 20th March 1815 and the second restoration of King Louis XVIII on 8th July 1815 (actually 111 days if we’re being pedantic), or indeed even the start of U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 administration resulting in the so called ‘New Deal’ and actually leading to the adoption of the term ‘The First Hundred Days’ now used by the media to comment upon an incoming President’s early achievements, our own first hundred days of wondrous new webbery have thrown up some statistics I thought I might spin your way. Cue the Page 45 anthem as performed by Duran Duran, unfurl and hoist our leafy flag up the pole and let the propaganda commence…

So far, we’ve have over 12,000 unique visitors to our new site, with over a 100,000 page views in total. The typical time spent on the site is averaging out at approximately five minutes. And the percentage of the daily visitors which are first timers has remained almost exactly at a very respectable 65%. So the amount of total daily traffic is continuing to maintain a steady, almost linear increase. Not a bad start at all.

But it’s where some of our visitors (and orders) are coming from that’s raised a few chuckles.

Whilst, as you would expect, the UK is the most common place for someone to be viewing our site from, we have now had visitors from 127 countries. Now given that – depending on your political point of view (Tibet is a sovereign state in my mind) – there there are 193 countries in the world, this means we’ve had visitors to our site from almost exactly two-thirds of the world in merely our first three months, including some pretty obscure places: Albania, Botswana, the Philippines, Guatemala, Iraq, Mongolia… Yeah, you read that right, Mongolia.

In some ways it’s actually easier to say where we haven’t had a visit from. We’ve now had visits from every single state in the US with the high plains of Wyoming finally succumbing last week, but in Central and South America there is only French Guiana, in Asia only Burma, in Australasia only Papua New Guinea, and in the northern hemisphere pretty much only Greenland that haven’t paid us a visit yet! In fact when you seriously look at where we haven’t had visitors from yet, the vast majority of the countries are in the sub-Saharan African belt, which is quite understandable.

Looking at the ranking table of most visits by country throws up some interesting facts too. Whilst the UK is top by some distance, it’s followed by the US, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and Australia (in that order), and then comes… Bermuda. Stand up and take a bow, Marcus Cooper! Are you actually getting any work done, mate, or do you just spend all day browsing our website?!! Brazil and Italy then round out the top ten countries. And occasionally you can tie up a specific customer to a specific location which is nice. For example I could see that we had been getting a few visits from Kuala Lumpur (capital of Malaysia for the geographically challenged amongst you), and it subsequently turned out that a long-standing Page 45 customer is currently living out there and still wants to put his custom our way!

In terms of visits from within the UK you might expect Nottingham to come in the top slot but – almost certainly due to sheer size – it is in fact London in first place, followed by Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham then Nottingham, with Glasgow, Bristol, Derby and Edinburgh rounding out the top ten. You know, I’m sure there are actually some comic shops in London and Leeds…

One of the healthiest signs for me in terms of future growth are the actual sources of traffic. Obviously when we first started it was almost 100% direct traffic, i.e. people typing directly into their browser, but we’ve seen a massive increase in the amount of search engine traffic and referred traffic from sites like twitter, facebook and creators’ own blogs. Thank you, one and all! And, err, please keep them coming. It now currently breaks down to 40% direct traffic, 40% from search engines and 20% referring sites.

Clearly there will come a point when this statistical set will hit equilibrium as new visitors come back directly to the site, but the amount of people finding us for the first time through searching for a specific product on Google is very, very encouraging and now in the hundreds per day. I probably don’t even need to add that Scott Pilgrim is the most searched-for term that’s led people to our website, although I am slightly disturbed to see how high “Jonathan Rigby” appears in that particular table! Seriously though, what’s with people in the US buying Scott Pilgrim posters from us?!

[Errr.. they’re exclusive to us..?  and – ed.]

But what’s really lovely to see is where someone from out there in the big wide world has searched for a specific graphic novel not riding particularly high on the cusp of current publicity and subsequently purchased it from us like Gary Spencer Millidge’s STRANGEHAVEN (that’d be New Zealand!) or a LIL’ ABNER collection (that’d be Spain!) or Dash Shaw’s THE UNCLOTHED MAN IN THE 35TH CENTURY A.D. (that be Germany!).

Obviously we want more traffic, more new visitors, and in the fullness of time more web orders, but still it’s a very positive start. If you’d have said two-thirds of the world would have come and had a look at the website of any comic shop after just one hundred days, I’d said you were mad, but then, as in so many many other ways, Page 45 is not a normal comic shop so perhaps I shouldn’t be surprised after all.

Finally I’ve big plans afoot for some improvements and tweaks later on this year, which Dominique and I covertly refer to in hushed whispers (when Stephen’s around) as ‘Phase 2’, but all in all I think The First Hundred Days report is a positive one. Hopefully enough to get me re-elected anyway!

 – Jonathan

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  1. Marcus says:

    Multi-tasking. That’s all I’m saying….. 🙂

  2. BrianTM says:

    Must start logging in through proxies to mess with your heads 😉

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