Page 45’s New GameCity Window!



Oh my days: we’ve been invaded!

We didn’t put up much of a fight. Instead Dominique and I spent the whole day squealing and grinning ourselves gormless!

Welcome to the brand-new, all-singing, all-dancing, first-ever Page 45 window outsourced, and created for us by the monumentally talented Philippa Rice, comicbook creator of ST. COLIN AND THE DRAGON (all copies here both signed and sketched in for free), and MY CARDBOARD LIFE (they’re defaced and doodled on too!).

Discover more about Philippa’s first-ever window display INCLUDING TOP SECRETS on Philippa Rice’s own Flickr. Her photos are infinitely better than ours, and you’ll only find out there!

So what’s this all about?

It’s all about GameCity, specifically GameCity7 here in Nottingham’s city-centre Market Square from October 20th to October 27th. Independently minded and independently driven by Iain Simons with the aid of Chris White, it is for me the finest celebration of games culture in the world: all about interaction, the individual games creators and, this year in particular, education as well as entertainment. It draws into Nottingham thousands of culturally inquisitive games devotees and big-name games creators – a lot of whom end up shopping at Page 45. Page 45 is all about Independents and Independence, and that sort of tourism is invaluable to Nottingham.

Philippa Rice designed GameCity7’s online banners and very early on in our clandestine meetings, Iain, Chris and I decided it would be brilliant if we could reflect in our window what Philippa will be also building around their own hub come October.

Because yes, 2012 sees the first year that Page 45and GameCity are in outight collaborative cahoots and I could not be more honoured. I promise we’ve only begun.

Expect announcements shortly: big announcements involving signings by comicbook creators we have never played host to before and, if I were you, I’d probably plan to be in Nottingham between October 20th and October 27th. They will be doing GameCity stuff too – that’s why they’re here – and therein lies some clues.

Read Iain Simons’ own GameCity blog and see Philippa’s banners going up here.



Stephen: “Are you feeling all self-conscious in the window?”
Philippa: “No, but I am feeling a bit like Godzilla.”

No cardboard creations, alive or dead, were trampled on or harmed in any way during the making of this window. Except maybe my Clopsy. Poor Clopsy!

 – Stephen


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