Page 45 Temporarily Switches To Mail Order Only. We Ship Worldwide!

Page 45 is still open for business but now switched temporarily to mail order only, with all our gorgeous graphic novels, comics and children’s picture books available to buy online at for Worldwide Shipping!

That’s quite a front page!




If a graphic novel or picture book doesn’t say “Out of Stock” then it’s in stock!


ONE: the above remains true. However, if a graphic novel is out of stock it will now say “OUT OF PRINT” until distribution resumes, simply so that you cannot accidentally purchase that item. It probably is still in print, but we cannot restock on ANY ITEMS AT ALL until Diamond and Gardners re-emerge from limbo. For the duration of this pandemic, once an item is gone, it’s gone for good.

[UPDATE UPDATED mid-May 2020: distribution has now resumed with restocks regularly arriving each week; new comics and graphic novels each fortnight – hooray!]

TWO: IT IS ENTIRELY ETHICAL TO SHOP ONLINE AT PAGE 45. Since March 24th I am the only one entering Page 45 HQ. There I work solo, picking your orders, processing them and packing them on my own. I walk into work; I walk back from work – even at 10pm at night – so that no one else is endangered including myself. No one is coercing me. I do this simply because Page 45 is my baby. I created Page 45  out of love for this medium and its creators who weren’t receiving the shelf space and recognition they deserved, and I’ve curated it for over 25 years into an award-winning success which is culturally cherished by thousands. I am not, repeat not, going to allow a tax-dodging, careless and callous corporation like Amazon to stream-roller over an independent business like Page 45 simply because it is given preferential treatment to continue operating under far less stringently safe conditions than Page 45 by the authorities.

[UPDATE UPDATED mid-May 2020: Jonathan’s now back processing mail order too, but we work on separate days so it’s still 100% safe, but even faster!]

Thanks very much for your support. – Stephen

We now return you to your regular viewing…

You can explore by category and sub-category here or pop creator names, titles or bits of titles into our search engine. You could explore Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month Club and our Always Recommended section, clicking on any cover in the grid for reviews.



You could even trawl through ten full years of the illustrated Page 45 Reviews Blog, but if you’re still genuinely stuck then we can offer personal recommendations tailored to your taste when you fill in Page 45’s Want A Recommendation form (but please only do this if you’re honestly interested in buying: it takes us quite a long time to answer each of you thoroughly – thanks!).


We will reopen our physical doors on 9 Market Street, Nottingham, NG1 6HY, UK, the very second that it’s safe for you and for ourselves.

In the meantime we’ll be take delivery of new stock and restocks and dispatch as much mail order as possible.



If you’re used to picking your regularly reserved Page 45 Standing Order comics up in person, please contact us by email if you want to arrange for us to ship your comics straight to your burrow, where you can read and then make a nice nest out of them.



Perhaps you’d like to create a Page 45 Standing Order of comics you want reserved as they come out, either for collection later on or dispatched weekly, monthly or every other month? That would certainly help us gauge demand, and browsing Page 45 Previews will help you keep up to date with what’s coming out soon. It looks as if new comics have been delayed for a month or so, but they are only delayed, not cancelled!



Folks, we thank you enormously for your support both now, into the future, and over the last twenty-five and a half years.

There will almost certainly be further announcements before we’re through with this awful pandemic, and we’ll bring you up to speed each time as soon as possible. I’m certainly not quitting Twitter in a hurry (however much that might come as a blessed relief to you all!), so you can find me @PageFortyFive. We also have Facebook and Instagram.



Please look after yourselves, and please look after each other.

We’re already cooking up ideas for the website, and for the shop floor where we will see you once this has passed.

Huge Hugs,


Page 45 is a comic shop. We are:

Stephen L. Holland
Jonathan Rigby
with Jodie Paterson





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