Who We Are & Why We Opened



Page 45 is a comic shop whose goal has always been simple: to bring the widest range of quality comics and graphic novels available into contact with as many new people as possible, and to do so with a warmth, honesty and informed eloquence in a relaxed, welcoming and professional environment.

To recreate the European model which has meant that comics and their creators there have always been received with the respect they deserve and the sales to accompany it.

Page 45 also works tirelessly with school libraries to promote literacy in and outside the classroom.

Created in 1994 by Mark Simpson (1968-2005) and Stephen L. Holland, then swiftly joined by Dominique Kidd, we are:

Stephen L. Holland (Comics Laureate 2021-2023)
Jonathan Rigby
with Ethan Wiltshire

New Shop Design by Jonathan
Social Media by Stephen (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter)

Should you be of a curious disposition then you can find out far more about us than we’d really like you to know in The Usual Suspects (Staff Profiles), the Page 45 Website Credits, the various Page 45 interviews we’ve dodged and, obviously, the reviews we’ve written.

I make no apologies for their honesty because so much of our success has been built on trust: from customers returning after one shop-floor recommendation to ask for another. We never look down on anyone’s tastes because if you’re having fun then we’re having fun (and it’s you who are paying our wages), but we never have and never will attempt to sell you a dud.

That’s Mark at the top there, by the way, illustrated like the rest of this website by one of our all-time favourite comicbook creators, Nabiel Kanan. Mark Simpson was and remains the aesthetic heart of Page 45, dedicated not only to selling but searching out the finest creations our chosen medium has to offer. On Mark’s untimely death in 2005 comicbook creator Kathryn Cooper called him “The John Peel Of Comics.” Never was there a truer word spoken.


In 2012 Page 45 was voted for then judged Best Independent Retailer in Nottingham, in 2013 Page 45 was voted for then judged the Best Independent Business in Nottingham, and in 2004 Page 45 won the only ever Diamond Comics Award for Best Retailer In The UK.

Also, upon Mark’s death in 2005, a certain Neil Gaiman (THE SANDMAN etc.) wrote on his web-journal:

“I’ve long thought that Page 45 is the best graphic novel shop I’ve ever been to… they were the best hosts, and that’s sad news indeed.”

When Stephen was appointed Comics Laureate (2021-2023) and created the original Comics Laureate Recommended Reading List, Neil Gaiman also wrote:

“These are great! Page 45 has been the best graphic novel shop in the UK (arguably in the English-speaking world) for decades, so seeing Steve Holland evangelise as Comics Laureate is a delight.” (Twitter, 09/08/21)

Stephen is currently the Patron of Refuge In Literacy UK.