Local Businesses & Services We Love

The following are places we relish spending time and even our money in.

All the write-ups have been written by ourselves, not in exchange for mutual endorsements, but because we genuinely admire and respect them.

If Page 45 recommends a comic or graphic novel, we like to think there’s more than an element of trust there which we’ve built up over the years. Similarly we wouldn’t risk our reputation on promoting anything or anywhere outside of Page 45 which we don’t wholeheartedly endorse.

Of course, if you do happen to find yourselves in this feature and genuinely want to big us up too, that’d be smashing!

Alley Café Bar

Want to eat, drink and chat in the eqivalent of Page 45?

That’d be Ben’s fully licensed and independent Alley Café:

We absolutely love it there.

Always a laid back crowd enjoying an enormously friendly and personal service, mouth-watering vegetarian, vegan and organic food, or if you just want a pint, glass of wine or even a cocktail, then chill out surrounded by punters who will be smiling as broadly as yourself.

The music’s chic, there’s always an experimental exhibition on the walls, and sometimes Stephen under a table there.

From the Market Square head up Long Row (northwest) and look for the alley on your right-hand side just opposite the library.

1a Cannon Court
Long Row West

0115 9551013


The Broadway Cinema

Where do we even start?

This classy arts cinema has gone from strength to strength, their monthly programme guides bursting with cracking new films given authorative write-ups.

You could spend a whole day at The Broadway watching films, drinking beer, eating some very tasty meals or even taking classes in media production etc. You can hire screens for private parties, have fun on one of their themed evenings, and many of their diverse films are introduced by experts in the relevant field.

You might even be unlucky enough to endure one of Stephen’s blatant self-publicity stunts thinly disguised as an ill-educated introduction to a comics-based flick. We’re sorry if that’s the case – best check the brochure in advance!

From the Market Square head up into Hockley to the east of the big, domed Council Building, then look for Broad Street on your left-hand side as you descend again.

14-18 Broad Street

Box office: 0115 952 6611
Admin: 0115 952 6600


Paramount Picture Framing

For prints to buy, and picture framing too.

They did a cracking job of the Broadway programmes past, mounting them up together; and on the portrait which DRAGONSLIPPERS’ Rosalind Penfold created for me. Great advice, superb finished frame.

From the Market Square head up into Hockley to the east of the big, domed Council Building, then take the left-hand turn directly after Broad Street and you’ll find it on your right-hand side.

10 Heathcoat Street

Tel: 0115 9410799



Not so much a place as a local arts institution, Nottingham is exceedingly lucky to have this free cultural broadsheet to guide us to the cream of what’s happening locally. If a magazine doesn’t have a mischievous sense of humour, I cannot be arsed to read it. Leftlion is very mischievous indeed!

From the Market Square go back home and then head online.


See Leftlion’s interview with 2006 Page 45 elsewhere in our website’s Resource Section.

Clifton Tree Care Specialists

Okay, not strictly local nor do I hang out here!

But Paul will travel and I recently had three whoppers as tall as my house felled at a very reasonable price and with no damage whatsoever to the Acers directly in front of them. If you’re anything like me, it’s just useful to have a recommendation. He’s fully qualified, will give you a quote, and turn up exactly when he promises to.

Paul Buxton

0800 6523430


SPX Opticians

An Opticians owned and run by two brothers who are fantastically helpful. If you want to support a local small business and get some ‘designer’ specs at very reasonable prices compared to the large chain opticians, these are your guys. They’ve got two shops; one in the Victoria Centre – Tel: 01159 241 241 and the other shop at 373 Nuthall Road, Aspley – Tel: 01159 244 244, and a rather nice looking website at http://www.designerspx.co.uk/