Delivery & Postage Costs

Firstly, just so you know, we will ship anywhere in the world, at cost. Simply buy what you want, put your address in, and the website will tell you have much it will cost to get your items to you. UK customers will have a couple of different options depending on how quick they want their goodies.

You might be wondering just how we calculate our postage costs. Your time would certainly be better spent reading comics, but if you really want to know then here goes… We have a record of the weights of all 12000+ items of stock we carry (we know this to be true because we had to weigh them all!) and, using the Royal Mail and Collect+ Couriers charge tables, our mighty online store will calculate the exact cost of getting your comics to you.

Obviously it’s not an exact science as we have to guestimate for a bit of packaging, but in essence you will pay in postage exactly what it costs us to post your package to you. Can’t say fairer than that can we?

For our overseas customers we will also mail you your orders out at the exact postage cost, which does unfortunately work out a fair bit more expensive than the typical UK costs and is calculated quite differently with different rates and tariffs, but there are ways and means to try and keep the cost down and we will always try to minimise your postage costs wherever possible.

Meanwhile here’s a lovely customer with some kind words about our mail order service…

Dear All,

The delivery arrived happily in one piece – I think the postman is starting to despise me since it is the third heavy box he has had to bring to my abode in as many days – muhahahaha

Kudos to Tom – the wrapping was impressively secure. After failing to get in with kitchen scissors, a cleaver and then a chainsaw I resorted to a small controlled explosion with semtex. After the dust cleared I tiptoed back into the kitchen and pulled out the books which were all present and correct and in perfect condition.

Ta muchly

Alexandra Willsher