Previews, Pre-Orders & New Comics

In this section we’ll let you know what’s scheduled to come out when over the next few months, and even next week!

Weekly Advance Shipping Lists

Just please be aware not everything is currently making it to the UK for the week of release. Often a few things are a week late due to general shipping delays in distribution.

3rd November 2021

Please note: these lists contain what is released on a certain date, but we almost certainly won’t be stocking everything, so if you definitely want something you see on these lists, please order it in advance and we’ll make sure you get it. Many thanks.

Please note once Diamond UK is able to start shipping new comics again we will update these weekly advance shipping lists.

Titles Coming Your Way Soon

You’ll find detailed information for releases several months in advance in the Previews section of the store

If you sign up for our mailshots, you’ll be alerted to those Previews and our blogs about what we think is going to be good the second they’re posted. But if you just want to know approximate future shipping dates for everything distributed by Diamond on behalf of most of the publishers, click on the respective item in the store.

Usually this information, supplied by Diamond, is 95+% accurate but some items are occasionally delayed at the last moment whilst others turn up unannounced as if by magic.

If you see something you like the look of and would like to pre-order, please just place a pre-order in the online store or drop us a line or give us a call. This helps us with our initial order quantities and should ensure you’ll get your hands on something as soon as it is released and before it goes out of print.

Also, if you… sigh… really do want the rarer superhero cover variants, you can have them, but you will also have to buy the required quantity of regular cover issues, which are needed for us as retailers to be able to order the variants. The quantities required are shown in the weekly lists, not the store. So please don’t just send orders in for variants (and in fact we haven’t listed most of these in the store anyway). However if it’s a 50/50 cover variant you want that’s fine, just request which you’d prefer and we’ll see what we can do.