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In addition to Jonathan and Dominique’s technically savvy, this website’s construction has been monitored by a website novice who has niggled and questioned everything along the way to make sure this is the easiest website imaginable. What we’re saying here is that if a moron like Stephen can use it, we hope you can too.

There are some FAQ’s on a nearby page to help with additional questions but here are the basics.

If you already know what you’re looking in terms of a creator or title, once you’re inside the online store the search engine is a doddle. You can use surnames or bits of titles – not even whole words – but you will need to spell in English rather than American because we decided that most of our customers would do so instinctively. Examples: neighbourhood with a ‘u’, armour with a ‘u’, and palaeolithic with… err… two ‘a’s.

However, you can also browse using the categories and sub-categories we’ve constructed, which we hope will make it easy to find the sort of thing you’re looking for and something new besides.

When you head into the Page 45 online store, the first thing you’ll see is our categories displayed as images in the middle of the page and more in a text column down the left-hand side. Most are self-explanatory:

Art, Criticism & Creating Comics
Auto/Biography & Travel
History & Politics
Mini-Comics & Self-Published
Teen & Younger Readers
TV/Film/ Game Tie-Ins
Merchandise, Gifts & Supplies (including gift vouchers)
Suggested Creators (these works appear in their relevant genre sections too).

Humour, it should be noted is for syndicated strips like PEANUTS whereas the comedy graphic novels like Kyle Baker’s WHY I HATE SATURN can be found under a subsection of Fiction.

These sections, you see, have themselves been further split into sub-genres, sometimes by specific titles, to ensure there are never too many books per page. You may find some products appearing in more than one section when we feel they straddle two genres but we’ve tried to keep this to a minimum because with 6000 graphic novels on our virtual shelves, the website would quickly become cluttered!

For most books there’ll be a review by one of our extended Page 45 team edited from our 15+ years of Mailshots and Recommended Reading Lists. We don’t use publishers’ hype: they’re always going to say lovely things about their own books and, in DC’s case, declare each one to be “ground-breaking”. There may also be reviews which customers have posted, and we heartily encourage you to join in directly from the product page! Everyone’s taste is different which is why we stock such a broad range of material. Just because something didn’t agree with Stephen “Smart-Arse” Holland or Jonathan “In All Fairness” Rigby, it doesn’t mean others haven’t had or won’t get a blast. Where there is no review yet, we’ll try and fill in those gaps as we go along, but in the meantime why not submit your own review?

There will also be information on other books you might be interested in, as well as what people who’ve bought that book also purchased. There may also be some interior art that you can click on to have a look inside the actual book, and this is something we’re going to try and add much more of as soon as we can.

If you find there’s just too much choice or you’re new to the medium, why not drop us a line using the personalised recommendation form?

The other sections accessible from the main store page include Comicbook Of The Month where we showcase the best new comic or graphic novel each month and which are available to Comicbook Of The Month Club Members at a 20% discount. There’s the Always Recommended section which are tried and tested perennial favourites of ours with something there for everyone. Then there are the New Releases and Previews sections where you can see which comics and graphics have just come out or will be coming soon so you can order or reserve accordingly. And there’s also the Special Offers section where we sometimes have crazy deals or when we’ve managed to affordably acquire some top-notch material we want to promote.

Those are the basics, some of which are explained in greater detail in their relevant sections in About Page 45. We’ll leave you to discover the Fun & Resources section for yourselves, but for now you probably just want to go shopping.

Please, don’t let us get in your way! Just click here!