Standing Orders

To ensure that you never miss a single issue of any title you read, Page 45 provides a free standing order service either for personal in-store collection or sent by the power of post. All you have to do is tell us which titles you want, and we’ll save them for you as they come out.

square-peg-round-holebw We can do that, because we love what we do, we know how many copies to order, and when we were young we practised popping the right-shaped bricks into the right-shaped holes in that babies’ plastic ball. And we’ve cunningly adapted that early learning skill to getting the right monthly comics into exactly the right files.

You don’t have to pay in advance, only on collection or when they’re dispatched. You can add and cancel titles whenever you want – we really don’t mind if you cancel the entire standing order, we’ll thank you for your custom and hope to see you again – but please don’t just disappear without telling us!

Lastly, you can obviously visit, phone and email as often as you want, but we must hear from you at least once every three months, please.

Single orders and reservations are just as gratefully received as regular standing orders. And we’ll even have a go at ordering recent back issues you might need for titles you’ve started collecting mid-series.

If you’re interested in setting up a standing order, please just give us a call on (0115) 9508045 or drop us an email at