Standing Orders

To ensure that you never miss a single issue of any title you read regularly and adore, Page 45 provides a free Standing Order service either for personal in-store collection or sent by the power of post.

It’s a lot easier than remembering to order each individual comic online, and infinitely more reliable because when we come to order our own comics two months in advance, we’ll know to include yours in our totals. No more last-minute sell-outs: Standing Order Comics are set aside first before any hit the shelves, and before any additional web orders.

You never pay in advance, only on collection or when they’re dispatched.


How To Set Up A Page 45 Standing Order:

You can visit, phone (0115) 9508045 or email telling us which titles you want, and from which issue you want to start.

However, to accelerate the process now that you’re reading this online:

  1. Please fill in Page 45’s £1-00 Standing Order Deposit.

“Buy Now” – as you would any other comic or graphic novel – then fill in your name, address and card details. You’ll only have to do this once until your card expires. Hooray!

  1. Please send an email to stating your name exactly as filled out in the Standing Order Deposit, listing the titles you want, from what issue, and whether you’d like them:
  2. A) Sent straight out weekly
  3. B) Sent out every month (you can specify what time of the month)
  4. C) Sent out every other month (you can specify what time of the month)
  5. D) kept in store for collection (at least once every two months).

If you have any other further instructions, please add those too.

We’ll join the dots, confirm your Standing Order, and answer any questions!

Once You’ve Set Up Your Standing Order:

You can add and cancel titles whenever you want by phone, email or visiting – we really don’t mind if you cancel the entire Standing Order, we’ll thank you for your custom and hope to see you again – but please don’t just disappear without telling us!

You can add graphic novels and other individual issues too! If you see them on our website, you can simply email us to add them rather than going through the whole process of ordering them online and filling in your card and address details yet again! They’ll be sent with your regular shipments, so saving you postage, or kept in store for collection if you’ve selected option D).

I do hope that helps!

 – Stephen