Website Credits

Front-page and internal imagery by Nabiel Kanan.

Nabiel Kanan is the creator of EXIT, LOST GIRL, BIRTHDAY RIOTS and THE DROWNERS. His association with Page 45 is legendary, preceding and partially inspiring the shop itself. That Nabiel did us the honour of so intuitively representing the heart, style and spirit of Page 45 as no other artist could leaves us forever in the great man’s debt. His portrait of Mark, above, is spot-on.

Creation, implementation, coordination and management by Jonathan Rigby.

Jonathan Rigby joined Page 45 as Stephen’s business partner in December 2008. He brought with him a singular vision for Page 45’s next phase in its long-standing goal to introduce the finest graphic novels to the widest possible readership, and this is a substantial part of it. Technologically the man is a marvel. Temperamentally the man is a saint.

Construction and design by Chris Dicken.

Chris Dicken is Random River, and we can’t thank him enough for his imagination, dedication and education. This is the man who built on this home’s sturdy foundations, decorated the rooms you’re moving through now, then wired it with all the functions you’ll have so much fun using. He even taught us how to turn on the switches! We unequivocally recommend this can-do enabler to everyone else out there.

Population, integration and other sundry acts of website wizardry by Dominique Kidd.

Dominique Kidd was one of the three original members of Page 45, working alongside Mark and Stephen on the shop floor whilst organising events and developing the previous incarnation of our website. An artist and website designer in her own right, Dominique returned to Page 45 in 2009 exactly seven years after her last working day here in order to save our souls. Dominique promises us that she will never leave again. Which is a massive relief because she’s not returned her last three leaving presents!

Special mentions and virtual medals to Geoff “The Low Grade Bionic Dude” Mead and Chris “Photon” Stapleton. They are keepers of esoteric technical knowledge, top ranked time savers, and occasionally even life savers, along with David Hart who, in addition, provided some very sound early inspiration.

Editorial content and unwarranted interference from Stephen L. Holland.

More of an aesthetic dictator than an artistic director, for god’s sake, don’t encourage the clown! If it’s up here then Stephen okayed it… or Jonathan snuck it up while the blind-sided buffoon was drunk.

Stephen wrote the original ‘story’ on our front page for Nabiel to illustrate.

Stephen also writes and formats all the blogs.

Basically: if you have a problem, blame Stephen (signed, Jonathan).