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Page 45 digital storefront FAQs

Q: Who provides the Page 45 digital storefront?
A: Our digital storefront is currently powered by the comiXology platform. comiXology is effectively the retailer and we are their retail partner obtaining a commission on digital sales made on the Page 45 digital storefront.

Q: Why is there a separate digital storefront for DC, and is it also powered by comiXology?
A: No idea is the short answer, probably because DC asked for it! It is all part of the same platform. Just think of it as a different shelf.

Q: I can buy digital comics from comiXology direct, why should I buy them from your storefront?
A: If you buy from a retailer digital storefront, the retailer will get a cut, if you buy direct from comixology we won’t get anything. So why would you not support your favourite bricks and mortar comic shop?

Q: Do Page 45 still get a commission if I buy whilst using my application rather than directly on the digital storefront?
A:  No. So please do buy from the digital storefront!

(The reason being is comiXology state that in-application Apple, Google, and Amazon are effectively the retailers in the app, not themselves. Apple, Google, and Amazon are the companies that charge you for in-application purchases and thus take the commission.

For digital storefront purchases, the commission instead goes to the comic stores. You can read comics purchased from the Page 45 digital storefront on your various apps, but right now, you cannot purchase from us within the app. comiXology’s ultimate goal is to create an HTML5 version of digital storefronts, so that consumers using mobile devices can make purchases from their favourite comic store using a web-based digital storefront, effectively manoeuvring around the situation.)

Q: I hear Diamond Comic Distributors have their own digital platform, which is retailer friendly, provides bigger percentage commissions to retailers than comiXology does, and also Diamond are not selling in direct competition to retailers unlike comiXology, so why aren’t you using their platform?
A: Diamond Comic Distributors haveindeed  recently launched their own platform, but this is currently unavailable to non-US retailers in a format that would not be prohibitively costly to set up and also time intensive to maintain. Hopefully this will change in the near future. In any event we would provide both platforms as we appreciate people want the choice of how they purchase their digital comics.

Q: What happens to my personal information used on your digital storefront?
A: comiXology uses your information obtained from our storefront merely to process orders and deliver content, nothing else. They do not market the comiXology storefront to any customers of retailer storefronts, nor do they pass it on to anyone else. comiXology does not communicate directly with consumers nor send digital comics solicitations directly to consumers that have registered through a retailer’s Digital Storefront. It may be different for people who have previously registered directly with comixology.

Q: Why didn’t comiXology make apps for digital storefronts on Apple or Android devices?
A: People can read anything they buy at a retailer’s digital storefront on the free comiXology app on his/her iOS or Android device. All purchases are synced between platforms. There are significant barriers to creating individual apps for each retailer to sell digitally on devices; the biggest one is, as mentioned, that there is already a big cut taken by Apple and Google.

Q: Why did comiXology use Flash for digital storefronts as Flash doesn’t work on Apple Devices?
A: For great performance and compatibility with major web browsers as HTML5 is only available in very new browsers, they chose Flash. As mentioned they are exploring HTML and mobile HTML for a solution in the future.