Page 45 & The Lakes International Comic Art Festival

It’s practically a love affair!

Every October Page 45 brings gorgeous1 Lakes Fest Clock Tower graphic novels to The Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal, Cumbria, UK, where we have our very own Georgian Room. It is ever so lush!

Then we clutter it up with comicbook creators signing and sketching throughout the weekend for free!

We do this because Kendal is kindness personified, and the entire town is taken over by our shared love of comics.

Entrance to the Kendal Comics Clock Tower is free and there is access to all to its upper floor, where Page 45 resides, via lift.

Page 45 is a proud Patron of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival and exhibits at no other comic event worldwide.


“What is it about LICAF that excites you so much?”

It is honestly so much fun!

We have fun, the creators have fun, their readers have fun, and we make a great deal of money!

Read Page 45’s photo-filled blog: Page 45 Shatters Its Own Weekend Sales Record At Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2016!

Below, left to right, and grinning their heads off in our room: Dave McKean, Emma Vieceli, Tom Gauld and Bryan Lee O’Malley who was of course (of course!) sketching on a guitar!


dave-mckean-version    emma-version-2   tom-gauld-version   bryan-lee-omalley-final-version


Sean Phillips drew Prince right in front of our eyes, but you’re going to have to click on that link to see those cool photos – and of all our other guests last year – all of which you can enlarge.

2018 Update:

Page 45 Shatters Its All-Time Sales Record At The Lakes International Comic Art Festival Yet Again!

Sean Phillips & Jake Phillips launched MY HEROES HAVE ALWAYS BEEN JUNKIES original graphic novel written by Ed Brubaker (reviewed there, it ships worldwide from Page 45 with an exclusive bookplate signed by Brubaker, Phillips & Phillips) with a signing, sketching and colouring session! Oh yes!

Plus we played host to Guy Delisle, Eleanor Crewes, Una, Yomi Ayeni, Corey Brotherson and Emma Vieceli again!






More grins (above) when Charlie Adlard, Joe Kelly and Ken Niimura, amongst so many others, kindly popped by our room for impromptu signing sprees in LICAF’s TRACES OF THE GREAT WAR anthology graphic novel reviewed there, and We Ship Worldwide!

2017 Was Just As Much Fun!

Read the Page 45 Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2017 Review / Photo-Blog!

I cackled myself senseless composing our mischievous photo-blog chronicling our weekend in and around Kendal in Cumbria, UK.

You’ll also discover Page 45’s reviews of all the LICAF merchandise past and present now exclusively distributed by Page 45 worldwide, like the SPIRIT NEWSPAPER anthology and Will Eisner tribute masterminded by Festival Patron Sean Phillips.



There are links in that blog underneath each comic, book, newspaper and print so that you can buy them! You can only get ’em from us, folks, and only while stocks last!

Basically, This:

The Lakes are More Pretty than a City! Come to @comicartfest and see for yourselves in October 2019!



Come rain or come shine, it is always divine because it’s ever so bloody romantic.

Here’s our very own Georgian Room, pullulating with people helping to break our sales records:






And here are some our jaw-droppingly gorgeous graphic novels which we’ve carried up (by hand) over the years, both for adults AND all-ages.

Pop ’em into our search engine, why don’t you, for reviews and Worldwide Shipping?











Come For Comics Then Stay For Your Surroudings!

For they are sublime.

The Lakes District is one of the most swoonaway parts of Britain where you reach for Turner references and fill yourselves to the brim with oh so much eye-candy!







“What’s Happening Next Year, Stephen?”

Hahaha! Page 45 is a proud Patron of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

We help find them creators and we help raise them money, but we do not spoil their exclusives.

Keep up to date with The Lakes International Comic Art Festival on Twitter @comicartfest

Log onto their website at The Lakes International Comic Art Festival.

And if you need any more reasons why you should be visiting or exhibiting every October, I give you this enormous blog / love letter which was:

Page 45’s Huge & Extensive, Passion-Packed Review Of The Lakes International Comic Art Festival 2014.

Lord, but we had so much fun and so many secrets revealed!



Arriving in Kendal


Kendal Brewery Arts Centre 1


We were inducted. We were converted.

I am in awe!

And we had cake.




Hmm. Cake.

Can I reiterate that?



Cutting The Cake


The Lakes International Comic Art Festival takes place every year in Kendal, Cumbria, UK, mid-month during October.

It celebrates the very best in comics and comic art.

Page 45 is there every year. Come join us! We will have fun!

 – Stephen