Other Fun and Resources

No, we’re not suggesting Ignatz throwing a brick at Scott McCloud’s head would be funny, far from it!

But what we do have in this section are bits of advice that might prove useful if you’re seriously thinking about creating your own comic in addition to buying Scott’s own MAKING COMICS on that very same subject.

There’s a comprehensive link section covering just about every aspect of this industry. Also further resources for students of this medium like Mark’s Magnificent Musings On Long Lost Treasures, plus answers to questions which we’ve been posed over the years so that you can quote us whilst citing a source, and we no longer have to write your dissertations for you!

There’s some comic relief in the form of interviews with creators, interviews with ourselves, and even an out-take of sorts called Stephen’s Most Scurrilous Reviews.

There’s far more to come. Stephen has a whole file full of opinionated claptrap he’s looking forward to editing, so if you’d rather that none of it sees print (and we’re reasonably keen too), please feel free to get in his way by buying so many books that he’s permanently chained to the task of reordering.

On the other hand, if you have any questions you’ve long wondered about comics then drop us a line, Stephen will blog about it and then stick it here or in FAQs. Information is power!