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The forums were created to allow exchange of information, ideas, views, questions and answers and to facilitate discussion. As Page 45 is a comic shop it is to be expected that the majority of conversation will be related to comics, though there are forum areas where more general discussions may take place. The user assumes all liability for use and contents of messages, software, links, images and all information posted to this forum. Illegal activities may be reported to the proper authorities. Page 45, the owners, nor any of its members of staff are responsible for messages submitted to this forum by users. We reserve the right to bar users and remove messages for any reason. Users hereby waive all proprietary rights of any kind in and to the contents of their messages and specifically: (i) release Page 45, the owners, and its members of staff from all liability and obligations whatsoever, and (ii) grant each of the foregoing an unlimited right to use the contents of their messages. All content, text or image, that is sent or uploaded to the site becomes the property of Page 45 and may be reused at its discretion. Users acknowledge that no confidential, fiduciary, contractually implied or other relationship is created between users and Page 45. Additionally, by registering users agree to abide by the Page 45 Forum Rules.

Forum Rules

The following rules are guidelines for using the Page 45 forums. These rules are designed merely to give users a framework upon which to model their conduct while participating on the forums. Page 45 and those moderating the forums on its behalf, in their discretion, have final say as to the specific action to be taken, if any, for violations of rules. Furthermore, Page 45 and those moderating the forums on its behalf, reserve the right to close or delete any thread, post, signature, or other content that it deems unacceptable for any reason, regardless of whether such content violates a specific rule or rules. Keep in mind that our goal is to provide fun and discussion in a congenial atmosphere. This is the ultimate guideline we will use when evaluating any post or thread, or the conduct of any member. If you have any questions, please email Please note that use of this site and any information contained within it indicates your acceptance of our legal policies.

General Rules of Good Conduct and Good Sense

Don’t post anything which is intentionally spiteful, hurtful, damaging or insulting. Treat others as you would have them treat you and, if in doubt, err on the side of caution.

Don’t post anything which breaks or infringes upon any laws, criminal or otherwise. Remember that you are accountable for the things you post.

Don’t do, or attempt to do, anything which may harm, impair or damage the functioning of the Page 45 forums, associated web resources or indeed any other site or resource on the World Wide Web in any way. This includes spamming or flooding with messages, links or uploads or creating any posts or private messages which may cause any form of disruption.

If you believe that a user has broken any of these rules, or you need to bring anything to the attention of the moderators, please click on the “Report Post” button contained within the thread. If for some reason you cannot do this please contact the moderators using the email address giving as much detail as possible.

Examples of Rule Breaks and Their Consequences…

Minor Rule Breaks

Some rule breaks may be minor, or even unintentional. For example;

Multiple Postings – Please don’t post your statement or question more than once, or post it in more than one forum. Choose the forum that your post or question best fits in, and place it there and only there. If after posting, you feel it should be in another forum, use the “Report Post” button at the top of the post and we’ll move it for you. We also reserve the right to move posts to other forums and delete duplicates as a matter of course.

Forum Flooding – We want everybody to feel free to start new discussions so we will not impose a hard limit on topic creation. That means that we rely on you to regulate yourselves and not flood the forum with too many topics. As a rule of thumb, you should strive to limit starting new threads on average to no more than a few threads per week. Be considerate of other members when deciding to start a new thread and do a search of threads that already exist; you may find one that nicely covers your intended topic. Similarly, there is no hard and fast rule against “bumping” but please use your discretion and don’t flood the forum with bumped threads.

The potential consequences of such rule breaks are as follows;

First Offense – We understand that everybody makes mistakes. As these offenses are often unintentional, the user will first receive a message or, if necessary, a warning from a moderator explaining what went wrong. The offending thread, post or message may be edited or closed at the discretion of the moderator if needs be.

Second Offense – After the second offense, a warning email will be sent from an administrator. The user would be well advised at this stage to ensure that no further rule breaks occur.

Third Offense – If the same offense is repeated after a warning has been sent, the account will be disabled. Good communications with the offending user following this may result in re-enabling the account, though this is at the discretion of the moderators.

Serious Rule Breaks

Some examples of intentional rule breaks are as follows;

Crude or Rude Intent – Page 45 Forums are intended to be a community of people who can have fun with each other in a friendly manner. Whilst we have no personal issue with profanity and vulgar language, please be aware that children may well be users of the Page 45 forums. There is however, absolutely no excuse for being directly rude to a user. Uncivilized and offensive language (be it in the form of swearing or not), images or anything else, used anywhere on the forums, including your user name or within a Signature, either indirectly, or aimed at other users is something that may be deemed unacceptable at the discretion of administration.
Inflammatory & Irrelevant Postings – While we certainly won’t discourage productive and useful debate relating to the particular topic at issue, posts that are purposefully made to instigate arguments in a non-productive or inflammatory manner, or on an irrelevant or ancillary issue with either the topic starter or another poster are not permitted.

Impersonation – This applies when administration suspects a user of misrepresenting their identity to the web site in general or to another user. Impersonation of a moderator or member of the Page 45 staff will be deemed an extremely serious office.

Multiple Accounts – Likewise users are not permitted to maintain multiple accounts, as it may mislead or cause confusion to other users. Some exceptions may be made at the discretion of the moderators. Please remember that you are responsible for content posted under your user name. For this reason do not share your account or allow it to become compromised. If you fear your account has been hacked please contact the moderators at Abuse of this reporting feature will be deemed a serious rule breach

Spamming and Advertising – You cannot post advertisements of any sort in any forum. This includes products, services, or web sites from which you’d directly or indirectly benefit in any way. The only exceptions to this rule which may be successfully objected to by others at the discretion of the moderators are Signatures. You may include your own web page or that of your company in the signature of your message. However, this does not precede other rules. You must not cause inconvenience either to other users of to the running of the site itself via excessive repetition of posts or messages. Such actions will be deemed spamming, at the discretion of the moderators.

The potential consequences of such rule breaks are as follows;

First Offense – These offences are serious; therefore the offending user will be contacted by email and the account will be immediately disabled. There will be no second offenses of this sort. In some rare cases, a user may be given a second chance after the account has been disabled for a while; this will be at the discretion of the moderators.

In some cases an exception may be made where a moderator believes a user to have made a genuine mistake. In this case a moderator will delete the offending post or signature and contact the user who posted it to warn them on their future conduct. However, if the moderator deems that the user has signed up with the sole intent of spamming the forums, the account will be disabled immediately. Similarly, if a second post or signature similar in nature is posted after an email contacting the user has been sent, the account will be disabled.

Very Serious or Criminal Rule Breaks

These rule breaks may be classified as, but not limited to, the following;

Threats, Hate or Harassment – There will be absolutely no tolerance of cruelty, bullying, discrimination, stalking, harassment, aggression or threats pertaining to bodily, personal, sexual, financial, professional or any other kind of harm on the forums. This includes the content of posts, private messages, avatars, signatures, uploads, hidden text or images or any other form of communication via the boards.

Other Illegal Activities – As you might expect, we don’t want anything illegal going on here. Please do not break any laws while you are on our forums.

Hacking / Interference – This is the deliberate use of any device, software, routine, or other activity to achieve or attempt to achieve any interference with the proper operation of the site, or indeed of any other site on the World Wide Web. This includes attempting to capture other user’s data or any form of data from the server.

First Offense – These are crimes; we take these sorts of offences very seriously and you will be banned. The offending user’s account will be immediately disabled and his/her service provider will be informed of the activity. If applicable, details of offences may be passed to the relevant authorities, including the Police. The user may or may not be immediately contacted by administration during investigation and all incidents will be dealt with at the discretion of the moderators. If we are in any doubt over your intentions we will err on the side of caution and ban you.

Other Rule Breaks

From time to time other breaches or problems may occur which are not strictly covered by the rules. In such cases the moderators reserve the right to use their discretion in dealing with the offences and retain, at all times, the right to suspend or ban users and to delete, edit or move posts, images, messages, links and all other forum content as they see fit. The moderators also retain the right to amend or expand the forum rules and guidelines as they deem necessary and appropriate.

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