Guidelines For Civilised Debate

Guidelines for Civilised Debate On The Page 45 Forums
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We’d like to establish a happy medium on the forums. We won’t be able to please everyone all the time, but hopefully this will be a place which will offer something for everybody. One way you can help us is by remembering that not all members of the Page 45 forums are alike. There will be a range of opinions within the forums, as well as a variety of ages, genders, sexualities, nationalities, native languages and cultures; the more the merrier, don’t you agree? If you remember this when you post and choose your words with respect for others, we should all get along fine.

Rules and Moderation

We want to preserve a constructive atmosphere on the forums and we’d like them to be a place where free and lively discussion thrives. Some people feel very passionate about comics and may express their opinions vigorously. With that in mind we’d like you to adhere to some common sense rules of respect and politeness while you are here so that friendly back-and-forth debate can flow.
We will do our best to listen in an even-handed and unbiased fashion to the concerns of every user of the Page 45 forums. We hope everybody will be treated with kindness here, but if problems do arise or you feel you have been personally attacked, the best course of action is for you to report the post in question and not respond to it. Personal attacks will not be tolerated and neither will retaliation or flame wars. When you report a post rest assured that a moderator will review the comment and consider its content, context and tone.

We have no wish to nanny you; far from it! Banter is, of course, perfectly fine as long as the exchanges do not exceed the bounds of good friendly fun. For this reason if you are not the direct recipient of a message that you believe could be a verbal attack, please do not report the post on someone else’s behalf; leave that judgement to the recipient. As ever, what constitutes ‘good friendly fun’ will ultimately be determined by the moderators and we will attempt to make this determination in an even-handed and fair fashion. You can view the full forum rules here if you wish.

We hope these guidelines help everyone understand the limitations of acceptable content in their posts. As moderators we’re certainly not here to enforce any particular views on taste or act as arbiters of debate; we’re just here to keep things running smoothly and help out of something goes awry. Posts which break forum rules aside, we leave it up to members deal with personal disagreements and debates between themselves; all we ask is that you act in accordance with the spirit of the forums. Similarly we trust that each member is capable of choosing what kind of content is acceptable to them and generally applying good sense during their time here.

Your Right To Reply

Should you disagree with a moderating decision or a moderator’s actions and wish to make this known please do so in a constructive way (again via As moderators we are here to help but please remember that we have a responsibility to the whole Page 45 community; that means our decisions are final and must be respected. Where controversies, conflicts or rule breaks exist we may take the decision to edit or delete posts, remove links or images or lock topics. We expect members to comply with such closures and to discontinue the discussion where needs be. An inability on your part to comply with rules and moderator requests may result in anything from a warning to a total ban, depending on the circumstances. Obviously though this is just the sort of thing we will be trying our best to avoid; again you can help us by applying good sense to your actions.

In the (hopefully extremely unlikely) even that your account is banned from the forums and you are dissatisfied with this outcome you may make your case via email to It is expected that all communication will respect the privacy of Page 45 and of the members involved and that the information exchanged in the process will not find its way back into the public forums.
So that’s the unpleasant stuff over with; hopefully we can all get along famously and never speak of this again. Remember the moderators are here if you need them. Happy posting!

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