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Another Suburban Romance

Another Suburban Romance back

Alan Moore, Antony Johnston & Juan Jose Ryp


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Just enough is what Moore and Johnston have delivered amongst the carnage of Ryp's beautiful pen line. Like Geoff Darrow on HARD BOILED, it's all detail and destruction, so don't judge this book by its improbably ugly cover: the real goods lie inside. I loved the Alsatian with the machine-gun choker and the hurricane left in The Hairy One's wake and, as I said, the information overload is quietly countered by a minimum of language. The series of three shorts read like poetical pop promos, as a chap pops out for a summertime stroll (well, maybe), the second short reports a glamour of gunfire and, finally, old man Alan plays the Pied Piper, and takes in the trash for a final defiant romance.