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Awkward Silence vol 2

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Hinako Takanaga


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"What is this difficult obstacle that stands between you two?"
"It's an obstacle called a "fence", Mom. I lost to a fence."

And this is where the comedy kicks in. If you think Satoru is backwards in coming forwards, you should try to read his mother's stone-faced expressions. Whether hereditary or learned behaviour, the inability to communicate certainly runs in the family.

As I declared of AWKWARD SILENCE VOL 1 this has a heart of gold - a marked departure from the decidedly less healthy one-sided yaoi of pervasive power-play, however funny I find some.

Poor Satoru! Keigo's been called away on a baseball practice weekend. He's the school team's captain and his reign has stopped play. Their play. Satoru isn't jealous that his boyf's into baseball: he'd filled an entire sketchbook of Keigo on the pitch long before they'd exchanged a word. It's just that their relationship is young and every second spent apart is spent desperately yearning for the next spent together. Plus Satoru's not very good at expressing himself at the best of times, let alone on the phone, and he's anxious lest Keigo didn't think him enthusiastic enough. See, he didn't have time to say anything himself because Keigo's mates had caught him on the mobile and were making a grab for it presuming that Keigo was calling a girlfriend. Yeah, however ideal their relationship seems, they're not exactly out - this is school, after all!

Now although there is no real wall between them, alas there is a fence. It is physical, it is tall and Satoru failed to scale it the first time round, coming home in bruises. Still, if at first you don't succeed…

Satoru's parents aren't aware of the strength of the boys' bond, either. They think Satoru really is showing Keigo his sketches. But they both admire Satoru's resolve to set things right tonight. I'm not convinced that they'd be quite so enthusiastic if they knew what will ensue once he gets there, bless.

"That's my boy. So dependable… You made the choice and decided to take action quickly. How wonderful."
"Ah!" beams his Dad. "Her smiling face has returned!"

Not so you'd notice.
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