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BPRD Hell On Earth vol 1 - New World

BPRD Hell On Earth vol 1 - New World

BPRD Hell On Earth vol 1 - New World back

Mike Mignola, John Arcudi & Guy Davis


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

And so begins the wider Hell On Earth arc, which sees Abe Sapien and his BPRD chums surrounded on all sides by horrific sub-human life forms and generally dealing with deviants intent on unseemly behaviour towards them... Yes, it's the BPRD annual trip out to Yates Wine Lodge in Nottingham's Market Square.

Well not really, but oddly enough following on from the literally earth-shattering events of BPRD vol 14: KING OF FEAR comes this enticingly titled vol 1 jumping-on point for potential new readers. And whilst you could indeed start reading BPRD here, at what is in reality vol 15, you would then almost certainly want to go back and read everything else that has led up to this dramatic point.

Why that wily Mr. Mignola, you'd almost think that's exactly what he intended!?! Very clever of Dark Horse therefore to let BPRD vol 1: HOLLOW EARTH almost simultaneously go temporarily out of print...
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