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Bakuman vol 2

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Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Why do you have my notebook with you?"
"Come on, don't look so serious, it's not like it's a death note..."

Nice little in-joke from the creators of the multi-trillion selling DEATH NOTE in this, their follow-up manga. And it couldn't be more different from that psychological thriller as top ranking student Akito begs the artistic but far less academic Moritaka to help him achieve his secret dream of becoming a manga master. Well, blackmails him into it really with the aid of Moritaka's notebook which has several sketches of their classmate he secretly fancies. I enjoyed the first volume enormously, because whilst it is a little heavy on teeny romance for my personal tastes, the basic premise is extremely well explored, with a serious look at just what talent, and good fortune, it takes to even carve the beginnings of a career in manga. And happily this second volume tones the romance element down considerably, concentrating instead on looking at just what ridiculous lengths are involved in even getting one single story published in SHONEN JUMP magazine. It's a fascinating insight into the grindstone world of budding manga creators. I can see BAKUMAN fast becoming a regular guilty pleasure of mine alongside YOTSUBA&!